School boarding regulations responsibility indicator

New regulations commencing in 2021 classify certain school student accommodation in Victoria as 'school boarding premises', and certain accommodation services as 'school boarding services'.

The regulations will require schools and other organisations that own school boarding premises or provide school boarding services to meet new minimum standards.

This short survey will help you determine whether your school or organisation will be required to meet the new minimum standards.

The outcome of this survey is an indicator only. If you remain uncertain about whether your school or organisation will be required to meet the new minimum standards you should contact us at the email address provided at the end of this survey.
Please provide your name, school or organisation’s name, email address and a contact phone number. We’ll save this information with your responses and use your email address to keep you informed about the new regulations.
First name
School/organisation name
Email address
Contact phone number
Does your school/organisation own or operate a premises that provides student accommodation or accommodation services for the primary purpose of facilitating students’ school enrolment or attendance?
Does your school/organisation use homestay arrangements for student accommodation where a fee is charged and students live in a private residence with four or more students in total?
Does your school/organisation operate a campus that delivers outdoor education and an approved curriculum to students?
Does your school/organisation provide ‘day boarding’ services, including:

  • out-of-hours daytime accommodation, and/or
  • short-stay overnight accommodation from one night to a term

for the primary purpose of facilitating a student’s school enrolment or attendance?

For example, accommodation services to facilitate a student’s attendance at extracurricular activities such as religious instruction, music rehearsals or sports training. Accommodation services may include access to a place to study, meals or other ancillary services.

Note: Outside school hours care (OHSC) services that are delivered on school grounds, such as an after school care program for children under 13 years old, are not considered to be a day boarding service. 
Do you charge a fee for providing student accommodation or accommodation services students as part of their enrolment fee or for an additional fee?
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